Split surface

Hello everybody! Please tell me how you can cut the surface to choose one or the other?
What could be the reason?
Can this be sorted?
I will be glad for any help

unnamed4.3dm (370.2 KB) unnamed4.gh (14.9 KB)
internalise.gh (15.6 KB)

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When I tried to look at your Rhino file, it looked different than what you have shown. Maybe I did something wrong.

But, I think you can do what you want using List Item. That will give you one of the fragments that was the result of the split. I would like to know how to specify which fragment though instead of testing different indices.

Yes? I’ve tried different approaches, but so far it doesn’t work (

This is what I mean: image

why doesn’t it work as it should

I believe the problem is that SrfSplit needs surfaces as inputs. You have joined the base surface and the funnels into a polysurface.

If you create a parallel path for each of your surfaces (funnels and base surface) you can use those as inputs to SrfSplit and join them together after splitting.

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Thanks, it really worked.
Is there any way to sort this, according to the desired pattern?

I don’t know what sorting criteria you want to use. Possibly Point In Trim (TrimInc) might be useful if you can identify your pieces based on their containing a point or its projection.

Thank you!