Trying to group curves with the surfaces that they split

I have a surface that im splitting into smaller surfaces with a set of curves. Is there a way I can group the sub-surfaces with the respective curves that created them?

Can you post an example? Typically there will be more surfaces than curves, say if you split a square by 2 horizontal - 2 vertical, how would they be grouped? Duplicate the curves for each sub surface?

Sure! The images attached are the original large surface, the splitting curve, and the sub-surface created. Iā€™m wondering if theres a way I can group the splitting curve and the generated sub-surface. Thanks


Split Surface to (6.7 KB)

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This is great! Unfortunately, it seems to be grouping the the wrong portion of the cut surface (see photo), as in its grouping the splitting curve with the portion of the split surface NOT contained (as opposed to the contained portion as desired). Any help is greatly appreciated!

Split Surface to Groups (7.9 KB)

Right click your geometry containers and internalize before posting the GH file.

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Sorry, thank you. Interestingly enough, this issue now only occurs with interior sections. Split Surface to Groups re (9.8 KB)

Split Surface to Groups re 2 (9.7 KB)

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Thank you @Rickson !!