Braiding on a closed curve

I ran across this great braiding definition below, but it doesn’t seem to work seamlessly on a closed curve, such as a circle. Any ideas as to creating a seamless closed loop braid? (14.9 KB)

Set the IntCrv ‘P’ (Periodic) inputs to “True”. But there’s more to it than that if you want the ends to meet properly. See the flaw at the top-left?


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That’s awesome. Definitely a vast improvement, but yeah, the seam and breakdown in the braid “language?” is pretty obvious.

Try setting the “Knots” slider to an even multiple of 3. This is “30”, the seam is on the right:


That code looks way more complex than it needs to be!

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It really does. I’ll probably do another braid definition websearch later today if this one doesn’t suffice. Btw, thanks a zillion. You’ve always been really helpful.

This didn’t turn out as well as I expected, though there is a weird symmetry to it. I’m not proud of how this sausage was made; there are some ugly tricks in this code. It uses Anemone (purple group). The white “source” group lets you choose between a circle or an open curve. (22.3 KB)



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