Braid in Rhino5

I have a need to produce a simple straight 3 strand braid.
Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  1. Turn history on. (Click Record History pane in the status bar, or type # before next command.)
  2. Make a helix. (Helix and Spiral commands can make the helix.)
  3. Array the helix with ArrayPolar command. (Set Rotate option to yes.)
  4. Cover the helices with mesh pipes. (ApplyCurvePiping command)
  5. Play with the original helix. (The mesh pipes will update.)

Has anyone built a Grasshopper definition for a braid?

i found one here

i just cant get it to work on mac, probably because he implemented UI.

i downloaded the definition already here you go. (14.9 KB)

maybe i should add for grasshopper beginners, the definition should be ready. so just create your path curve select it then right click in the definition on profile curve choose Set one Curve and it should run, if you are lucky :slight_smile:

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Thank you all. I shall try.
I have never have tried Grasshopper. Rhino5 is enough for me to learn.