Boxmapping without converting to mesh



Hi all

Hope you can help me with a quick solution. I am working with random mappings on some different objects. Right now I have two different solutions not providing the desired result.

Option 01:
Working with the “BoxMap” component. This will require me to convert all my geometry to mesh, but I would still like to keep my geometry as nurbs. Is there a way to achieve the mapping without converting?

Option 02:
Using the scatter2 plugin, with the component “Box mapping”. This component also has the features I am looking for, however it requires me to specify geometry as GUID. Right now I have lists containing my geometry as breps. Is there a way to retrieve the GUID of the geometry to plug in the component?

Hopefully this makes sense - otherwise let me know. Hope someone can help me out!



Thought I found a solution since the BoxMap accepts Mesh as input parameter, but I still get Mesh as output.

Still looking for ideas on how to achieve this. Thanks

(Michael Pryor) #4

Not sure what you mean, Box map does not require meshes. It outputs the same geometry you input, just transformed. (7.7 KB)


Hi Michael

Thank you for your reply! I might have caused some confusing with the BoxMap component. The BoxMap i am referring to is from the Human plugin and is used to control the UV mapping on geometry, not transform the geometry in itself.


Still looking for solutions to this problem. I really hope someone can help.

Has anyone achieved mapping without converting to mesh? Or any other workaround I could take a look at?


(Andrew Heumann) #7

All the human components that do texture mapping output meshes. I was never able to figure out how to apply texture mapping to a BRep although I’m sure it’s possible - I haven’t looked at the problem in a long time.