BoxEdit - change Bounding Box to use Current CPane permanently?

Every time I start Rhino the “Use world CPlane” is checked.

The macro you’re looking for is already there.
It’s on the Right mouse click option in the Box toolbar:

According to the title, I think he wants the BoxEdit panel to be sticky so he can always have it start in CPlane mode.


I understand that @Helvetosaur
I’m trying to determine if the existing command macro will do what he wants.

Yes, that is what I wanted - the settings in the BoxEdit to be persistent between Rhino sessions.

I’m concerned that a change like that may have unintended consequences, break existing scripts, and may cause a lot of problems for other users.
Maybe not, I just don’t know.

It seems to me the simple command script is a good option but that’s my take.

My only way I have to gauge this is to see how other Rhino users weight in on this message topic.

But I don’t see the connection between BoundingBox command and the settings in the BoxEdit panel? If I choose coordinateSystem=CPlane in the BoundingBox command and restart Rhino, the settings is remembered, but in the BoxEdit panel it is not.

Hi @cadmaster,

I’ve logged your wish.

– Dale

The BoxEdit options are not scriptable nor are they exposed in RhinoCommon…

Thanks, Dale.

I see my wish is fulfilled in the latest WIP!
Thanks, Rhino developers!