BoxEdit: where is it? and a favor

I see here that someone had a question about BoxEdit, but I can not find the feature on Rhino for Mac.
Where is this located?
I would also like to ask for the option to lock the different measurements together so that if the width is made smaller, all else will also get smaller; like in Illustrator, and if you unlock the measurements, only one at a time will change like it has been.

by the way, here is a page where they talk about box edit.

Illustrator has a better version of this, as you can constrain all the properties when editing as well.

The BoxEdit command has not been ported to the Mac platform yet.

You can read about The Windows Rhino BoxEdit here:

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just following up on this thread. Has BoxEdit been ported to the Mac version yet?

No, sorry. It has not. It probably won’t be for a while. It does not appear in the first Rhino for Mac release.