Newbie question about BoxEdit

Let’s say I build a 10 x 10 x 20 cylinder
BoxEdit contains that data, but if I rotate the cylinder the Boxedit data changes to absolute values.

How can it be done so that when I rotate the cylinder it maintains the values of X Y and Z relative to the cylinder?

I hope my question is understood. Sorry for my English.

Hello - you’ll need to take a couple of extra steps -

  1. Set the BoxEdit control to use the current CPlane and not the World.
  2. Set a CPlane to the object - the easiest way, since this is an extrusion, is probably to set the Gumball to align by object (Gumball context menu) and then set the CPlane the the Gumball. (CPlane command > Gumball)

BoxEdit will show a Cplane aligned dimensions - you may need to unselect and re-select the object for that to update, I see a possible glitch there.


Thanks that do the trick!