Wish: Box_3Point -> height always in WCS direction


another wish:

When creating a box with “Box: 3 points, height” the height of the box is directed either in Z positive or Z negative direction, depending on the way/order you set your first 2 inputs (width and length).

So after specifying my first 2 dimensions and entering the 3rd one numerically, I am never sure that the box height is pointing in the right direction, in my case upwards from my construction Plane.

I would like this command to behave in a way that positive values for height should alway lead to the box being generated in the positive Z direction with regards to the CP, negative values should lead to generation in the negative Z-direction.

Hi Andreas,

the height value works related to z-axis of the current construction plane. You also see a preview of the box, if you type a negative or positive height value.