Box Array along a Curve

Hello everyone,
I have a problem for arraying my rectangular box along a square. I want the boxes to become like the rhino model I drew, however, my definition doesn’t work. I used perpendicular frames to find the target planes on the square and used orient but the result is something different. Is there anyone who can help me?
Thank you all

box (13.0 KB)

Probably a little more involved than you wanted, but I figured I would try for a general solution, for n evenly spaced boxes along each side of the square.

box (17.9 KB)

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Thank you for your response. The fact is that I want to find a solution that works for every new square. I mean in your definition by scaling the square, the distances between blocks are changed and I need it to remain the same.

Try with this

box array (16.7 KB)


That sounds very interesting. Thank you very much.

Here’s a script to take care of any square. You can set any number of boxes for each side and the gap would remain constant(which you can also set up yourself).

Square - Box (12.5 KB)

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Thank you. It is a really good solution.