Bounding rectangle meeting at midpoint (Pufferfish)


I am trying to create a bounding outline around each of these shapes, I can’t simply offset them as curves since it is important that the box does not overlap at any point because the tweened curves they are placed on are of different width.

It is important also that the bounding boxes can be connected to the same gradient as the shapes themselves. I have tried to loft with the series node, but it seems like only half of them are lofted, trying to create a line along the bottom to later be extruded doesn’t seem to work either.

Is it possible to solve this loft issue? Or is there perhaps a less complex way of achieving the same result?

Best Regards (75.1 KB) curveattractors_30.3dm (39.8 KB) (29.1 KB)


Hi, Thank you so much again for the help, the thing works good and the algorithm looks so much cleaner and better, many thanks.

However, just one thing i forgot to mention, the box effect needs to be applied when flat to the C-plane, or rotated 90 degrees.

Is it possible to apply this to the rotated surface, without overlap? (38.7 KB)

I managed to get it done right building on your amazing help, thanks again!frames_right