Bounding Curves

How to bound external boundary surrounding the curves like the attached image.

yellow part need to be eliminated. (4.7 KB)

Or, why not also the green parts?

If you can answer that question, you will probably be able to solve this yourself…

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I’m still trying to find out answer for that too. Even if the green part is removed also I’m okay with that.

Why?: i need outermost boundary curve to create a surface out of it

You could compute the convex hull: (6.3 KB)

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I’m looking for something like this but without offsetting i need it with original curve boundary.

More like this either if its forming orange color shape or red is okay (17.7 KB)

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What if I rotate it and move here and there. That time it doesn’t works right. Because of the plane.

I think you have not yet clearly defined the limit of what you really want.
First you have curves aligned with X and Y and now everything is rotated.
If a group of building is aligned and not the other what are you expecting ?
If you have a U shaped buildings, what do you want ?
If a group in one rectangle what do you expect ?

It seems you are after a sort of minimization of aligned bounding box. The criteria to choose 1, 2 3 bounding box could be a ratio of area.

But whatever it is not a so simple exercice for a tool. Human on that are still better.


how did you Rotate the curves use the same reference to create the bounding box whatever u need

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Some how achieved this (32.3 KB)

Now im looking create something like this. L shape around given curve.
bounding problem.3dm (134.2 KB)

My trys but im stuck. Any help on approaching this?

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Check this out:

Script is uncleaned. But it works perfectly. (53.4 KB)