Bounding Box calculation accuracy

Hi david:

I found that sometimes Bounding Box does not complete parcel geometry, when the geometry is just a small part of the time the original surface (surface is trimed), which is much smaller than the original geometry.

I think I can understand the reason for this situation,  when I ShrinkTrimmedSrf in rhino ,Re-done once, the result will be improved a lot.

But there are still two questions:

  1. recommend adding Shrink function in GH, similar Shrink in rhino,is a good improvement

2.Is it possible to improve the accuracy of the calculation of Bounding Box?


boundingbox (8.2 KB)


Can you post an example of a surface that does this (as per your image)? --Mitch


rhino model.3dm (25.2 KB)

This model is included in the gh file :smile:)

To get accurate bounding box, you could also extract the edge curves of your Brep, then calculate the bounding box of these.

This is clearly not the solution.

For the Rhino’ Shrink replication, until it has been added to the standard GH components set, you can use the ShrinkFaces method. Check the attached file (download and install ghpython plugin first).

boundingbox (16.0 KB)

I think this will be more inaccurate

I believe this is an effective way to improve the accuracy of, but I think it does not guarantee that there is no exposed parts,Thank you very much。