Change in GH bounding box calc method


(Andrew Heumann) #1

There is a difference in behavior between GH running in rh5 and GH in rh6 - BoundingBoxes calculated with a specified base plane show up in the wrong place in the WIP.

correct (Rhino 5):

not correct (Rhino 6 WIP):

(David Rutten) #3

Not for me, but my file is obviously different from yours.

(Andrew Heumann) #4

@DavidRutten try supplying a plane other than world XY

(Andrew Heumann) #5

Or did you and it was just internalized?

(Andrew Heumann) #6

try the attached file… trouble (20.9 KB)

(Andrew Heumann) #7

Sorry for the barrage of posts. I figured out the problem :slight_smile: the new implementation of bbox does a check first if the plane normal is parallel to Z - if it’s not, it uses the identity transform for the bbox calc. But this fails to take into account planes with different origins - the bbox is calculated correctly, but when it’s transformed BACK to the supplied plane’s orientation, it moves in space.

(David Rutten) #8

Yup, I set one directly in the P input.

(David Rutten) #9

Thanks, I’ll see about getting it fixed.