Bounding box breps orientation Issue

Hello everyone,
I am trying to project two breps in bounding box with normal to the surface, using evaluated frames and a curve as a guiding path. I am now struggling to figure out, why are not both breps from the Bbox projected.
Any advice? (26.3 KB)

please internalize your surfaces and your Breps (right click on them → internalize data) and reupload the GH file

Should be good now, sorry for inconvience

this is still missing :slight_smile:

I have tried to draw just a random surface, but I think what I’m getting is very different from what you expect me to see :slight_smile:

The target surface is quite a bigger, thats why it is so mashed up in your file. Sorry for not informing about that.
The point is, why are not both cylinders projecting, when they are both inside a Bounding box?

You could Group the two cylinders, before you Orient them, then ungroup after.

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