Boundary surface does not see holes

This has never failed to work properly up to now.
I have no clue why the “Boundary surface” component does not see these holes.

Boundary Surface does not see (7.2 KB)

That’s strange. When I open your file I see the same as you.

But when I bake the curves to rhino and use the same curves without any moving or tweaking again inside grasshopper, it does work.

Doesn’t work for me either!

There seems to be some problems with this curve, which is open. The other ones work fine.

Oh, I didn’t notice that piece! So I didn’t reference it into grasshopper. When I do reference it this also doesn’t work for me.

The start and end don’t match, which you’ll see when you zoom in here.

Damned, I hadn’t seen it neither !
Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for looking into it folks !

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