Boundary surface not working

Hi all! I was trying to add a thickness to the surface in this file and I am trying to get the
boundary surface to work since I do not want the centers of the hex to have a thickness. I know i was able to do it this way before but is there something preventing it from working? Any help would be appreciated i Can not figure it out and am on a time crunch for school. IT also wont let me upload the rhino file

project with (10.2 KB)

feliciaemmaCOMPAPPStake2.3dm (63.7 KB)

Boundary Surfacesonly works when its input curves are planar. As you can see, yours are not.

Try to use Loft or Ruled Surface instead…

project with (12.1 KB)


Great I will try this!

That worked perfectly! Thank you ! do you know if there is a way to reduce a grasshopper file size so it stops freezing everytime i change a value?

Have a try Data Dam.


oh cool! and then do you just connect it to the part thats moving slow?