Bouncing Decohedron Problem (Kangaroo)

Hi All

I have made a Decohedrom with NGON and tried to stimulate a boucing ball effect in Kangaroo, I think it’s almost there as you may like to see in the attached file. I just wanted to find out how to make the ball bounce back and forth because it is very idle at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

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dome (25.6 KB)


You might want to post this with the mesh of your decahedron internalized since not everyone is using the ngon plugin.

Here’s less idle, more lively version :slight_smile:

This generates the mesh differently, and uses pressure to keep the shape. It uses the floor with friction, which allows it to roll instead of just slide, and I reduced the damping in the bouncy solver. (16.7 KB)


dome Ngon_internatlsed (15.0 KB)
Hi Martin

Of course , here’s the internalized file .

Thank you Daniel for your suggestion and that’s certainly very lively.
I could not seem to retrieve the Floor Friction plug-in for some reason, would you kindly show me where I can obtain it ?

Many thanks indeed

Hi @rhinospaced - that’s not a separate plugin but it was a fairly recent addition, you just need to update your Rhino to a newer service release.

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Well it is missing some inputs but I think Daniel was able to help you in the meantime.

Daer Martin

Yes that was what I needed and thank you for your help, apologize for the messy file!

All the best!


Dear Daniel

Its working fine now, thank you and thanks for the remesher too , its amazing as it seems to have been optimized in parameters, thank you for your contribution to the discourse!