BOSCH coffee mill

3D model I made a couple of years ago for teaching purposes (a product design workshop)

The same I use at home :wink:


Nice renders,

and it’s really good mill, btw! )

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Beautiful job! Nice and clean studio setup

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Hah, my parents used to have one of those (the orange one), it was used primarily for powdered sugar for Dutch apple/bacon pancakes. Nostalgia!

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hmmmm I know what’s for dinner tonight:


NIce work!



I’ve at home the black one, it’s perfect for teaching lighting techniques with Vray!

thanks, a bit old work but i still like the model!

Another fantastic job ! :thumbsup:

Super sweet! Please share your studio set-up if you don’t mind … maybe a zoomed-out screen capture of the wireframe?

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no problem! it’s a classic studio set-up. I’ll upload a screen shot

I appreciate it. It looks awesome!

I’m noticing much more side light than top light, so I’m very curious about the arrangement / size / power of the lighting, including any HDRI-domelights or environmental settings.

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nice rendering