Vray first try

First try with Vray today :slight_smile:
Open for critique!


This is mine, finished today:

:upside_down_face: :wink:


This is similar, but with sunlight:


Not your first try, right? ;D

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The fourth or fifth, I don’t remember well… :thinking:

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Great man! Did you model the things all by yourself or did you just do the textures? What materials did you take and where did you get them?

All done with Vray! The only modeled object is the lamp, all the others belong to the Vray library, even the textures are those of Vray, modified little by me.

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This is one of the first jobs done with Vray 5, and also one of the first renders ever since I learned to use Vray for interior scenes:

Together with this for an outdoor furniture:


Nice render of the knife, Paul. Handle, in particular, looks very natural.

As you are open to criticism, I’d suggest toning down the ground plane with a more natural material in keeping with the tone of the knife. Hope you take that as constructive!


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Oh wow! I use the Testversion of vray and downloaded the material library, but found it very small … Seems I missed some things there… Gotta take a look again :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try! Thanks for the feedback!



It is very realistic; the objects, colors, and light with a suitable angle

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I choose the first work. It is a nice job, but I’m thinking about its entrance technically. Why it hasn’t a door or window? What if the weather is cold and falling snow, while there is no heater or fireplace in the room?

It is a “still life” gender render test; I wanted to understand how the light produced by a light bulb behaves. There are deliberately no other details of the environment: doors, windows, floor, roof…

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