BooleanUnion - post op selection

It would be nice if the objects were preselected before running BU, that the results would be selected after the operation completes…

Thx, --Mitch


Hi Mitch,

Does SelLast help here? I bet the command behavior could be changed but doing so may cause other issues for existing scripts or user workflows.

It does, of course, it’s what I have, I had to change all my macros and aliases… but, in general I thought the philosophy is that if objects are preselected before an operation that they should remain selected at the end… If the original objects have been replaced by others, they too should be selected. Some commands work this way (Split, Explode, Join…), others do not (Booleans…); Rhino is pretty inconsistent in this regard.

IIRC James Carruthers once postulated that if the output was selected for EVERY command, that everyone’s workflow would go faster (once they were used to the system, of course).


Filed… RH-22282