Select Rhino objects created by extrusion when you also have pre selected objects

Hi, the issue is like this I have a function that has as input a ObjRef array an inside this function I would like to update the selection by removing or adding other objects to the array, my function is working fine with Curves but if I will create some objects using extrude and I will use those there will be a strange behavior, First thing is that my pre selected objects can only be deselected only after I first select them again, even if those are already highlighted as selected, can not use multiple selection to deselect also. And another strange thing is that if I will select an object(ex: a cube) by a face and I will try to deselect it by clicking on another face it will not work, I need to deselect using same selection face. I will also pot my function code below so, from what I read there are some issues with extruded objects but can anybody suggest a workaround to solve this. Thanks.

public void SelecRhinoObjects(ref Rhino.DocObjects.ObjRef[] objRefs)
            if (objRefs != null)
            GetObject go = new GetObject();
            go.SetCommandPrompt("Select objects");
            go.GeometryFilter = ObjectType.AnyObject;
            go.GroupSelect = true;
            go.SubObjectSelect = false;
            go.DeselectAllBeforePostSelect = false;

            bool bHavePreselectedObjects = false;

            for (;;)
                Rhino.Input.GetResult res = go.GetMultiple(1, 0);

                if (go.ObjectsWerePreselected)
                    bHavePreselectedObjects = true;
                    go.EnablePreSelect(false, true);
                    go.AlreadySelectedObjectSelect = true;


            if (bHavePreselectedObjects)
                for (int i = 0; i < go.ObjectCount; i++)
                    Rhino.DocObjects.RhinoObject rhinoObject = go.Object(i).Object();
                    if (null != rhinoObject)

            if (go.Objects() != null && go.Objects().Any())
                objRefs = go.Objects();
                objRefs = null;

Hi @raduh82,

Please review the following sample and let me know if you have any questions.

– Dale

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