BooleanDifference warps objects

Hi everyone,

Ive noticed that when I boolean difference that it warps the object im substracting from.

This is the start situation. I wish to substract the lavender coloured objects from the cyan coloured. As you can in the first picture everything is straight. I created the objects by make the edges first and then extruding or sweeping

This is after booleandifference.Now you cant see much but when I zoom in on the right corner you will see as shown in the picture below.

Now I am asking myself, what Im doing wrong? Because for me this is so annyoing to have object not alligned perfectly even though this was the case from the start.


Edit: Ok so even wirecut warps the object thats being cut. Using a cube to _booleandifference also warps the object.

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If you want to avoid to the warping you will need to learn to model more accurately. Its unlikely you will ever learn to do that by using booleans. Ignorance and inaccuracy is just something you need to learn to live with of you choose not to get your hands dirty by doing the work yourself.

The way to make this so that there is no warpage would be to construct the lavender rails in 2 parts using extrude and probably revolve for the curved end part of the lavender rails. If it is a revolve, you need to make sure that the revolve axis lies exactly on the plane of the flat surface of the cyan extrusion that you don’t want warped. Then you can trim both the cyan and lavender extrusions and then join the two trimmed extrusions and the curved part of the lavender.

By the way, you can look in property>details and it will tell you the edge tolerance after the boolean. That tells you how much the edges are warped.