Boolean difference

Could anyone advise why the boolean below doesn’t want to happen? (cut the red box into the profile)

I don’t know what on Earth I am missing here :slight_smile: And what would be the workaround?


boolean.3dm (172.5 KB)

Coupla problems, one of which which is perhaps not so visually obvious.

The most obvious one:

Your absolute tolerance is far too loose for this size of object, your small detail grooves are less than half this size. So, first, change the tolerance to 0.001. Now, there is a problem with one of your rounds - it is very segmented, I don’t know how it got that way, all the others are fine. Here is the one:

I think the best is to do a DupFaceBorder on one of the extrusion ends, then fix that round in curve form - just delete all the little segments and re-fillet at 0.5 - then recreate your extrusion with the fixed curve.

After that, your Boolean op will work just fine.
boolean-ok.3dm (2.7 MB)

*Helvetosaur was faster :slight_smile:

anyway since I was on it:

I think it is a units issue. You draw in millimiters with just 1.0mm absolute tolerances.

I changed to 0.01mm

Then I extracted the base surface duplicated the edges created the surface again and extruded.

also I drew a new box.

then it worked.

boolean_dk.3dm (973.7 KB)

Thanks, both of you!

Havent had a chance to try it out yet, but it seems like it! I tried to play with the tolerance up and down, so it must have been the little radius you discovered :slight_smile: