Boolean union failed

The boolean union failed for the blue parts, any idea why it failed?

boolean problem.3dm (2.0 MB)

It works in the V7 WIP, but with some non-manifold edges. Most likely, V6 is not able to handle those edges. While this may not explain the exact reason, looking at those non-manifold edges in the attached model will give you an idea of where the problem is.

boolean problem done.3dm (1.9 MB)

Maybe this one is more useful. The red curves are the intersection of the two pieces. The curves come together at a tangent that isn’t very clean. This situation is very difficult to resolve.boolean problem 2.3dm (132.9 KB)

I didn’t try V7 yet. Do you mean there is no way to get it done in V6 but V7 WIP can?

I have some other CAD package, BricsCAD and MOI3D, both software can get the boolean union done. Now I have to switch between different software to get the work done.

Delete all the segments apart from the top one.
In the right viewport, draw a line up from the centre at 6 degrees either side of the vertical axis and use them to trim off the unwanted outer portions of the segment.
Polar array the segment to give you 30 pieces and join. You should have your crown as a single closed polygon.

Just goes to show, humans are smarter than rhinos :wink: