Boolean union doesn't work

grivna.3dm (11.3 MB)
I want to boolean union these parts but i it keeps failing

I am a bit confused as I couldn’t replicate the issue.
I selected all the solids then selected boolean union with no issues.
Is this how you did it?

grivna Union.3dm (5.2 MB)

Likewise, I did not have any problem with doing a boolean union on all of this.

Please run the Rhino V6 SystemInfo command and post the results.
There may be a clue in that information.


Fails in V5…


Well, there you go.
V6 handles intersections better so the Booleans work better.

@maimun2002 when boolean union fails in Rhino 5 you can go back to splitting and joining. When you do that and you start to have problems it usually means from my experience my geometry is poor.

From a quick look at the solids you are joining…and the curves I assume you created it from… the problem is with your geometry. If you make cleaner geometry you will have less issues in the future IMO.

I think in this case the inability of Rhino 5 to boolean that is a good thing if it teaches you to model better. Perhaps have a look at the Duck section in the training documents on how to created organic shapes in Rhino. Good luck.

@nicholasm785 – R5 vs R6