Boolean union 2 closed polysrfs fail; maybe there is a better way

Hi All-

I am trying to these 2 closed polysurfaces, so far I have only tried the boolean union command, to no avail. any ideas? Please see attached rhino file.boolean_union.3dm (1.1 MB)



What I did was extracted and deleted all the extraneous surfaces that had nothing to do with the final result and then then trimmed the one surface that needed it (shown in red on the right) and then joined it all into a closed polysurface.

boolean_unionx.3dm (1.3 MB)

Very nice. how did you go about extracting extraneous surfaces?

The command for extracting surfaces from polysurfaces is called ExtractSrf.

By the way, don’t let anybody tell you that the way to fix something like this by nudging one or the other object. Doing that would have ruined your model.

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