Why can't this union

For educational purposes, I’d be curious to know why I cannot do a Boolean union of the two closed polysurfaces.

What does not work:

  1. Move the closed curve in the center slightly into the polysurface to the right an extrude.

What does work:

  1. Use closed curve in the center to split the polysurface at the right. Delete The split surface. Extract the intersecting surface. Join.
  2. Eliminate the arc in the center and extend the lines and extrude the boolean union is successful.
  3. Increase the tolerance for the boolean union operation.

Problem Union.3dm (3.0 MB)

maybe something to do with them being extrusion objects?

if you do this:

• select one of the objects
• repeat with the other object

…then they’ll Union

FWIW, a BooleanUnion on these objects works without any issues in today’s RH6 Beta.

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