Create Single Object From Closed Polysurfaces


I was wondering if there is some command that will join two separate closed polysurface objects into one that only ‘share’ one similar face?

In the attached file these are two boxes that each share a side that are co-planar to each other.

This is simplified example of a model I am working in in which the surface that is ‘shared’ is curved through 3D space.

I can do this operation with ‘extra’ work like trimming operations or extending the object size so that there is an intersection and can do something like a boolean union.

But I am just wondering if there is a command I am not aware of that can simply allow me to select the two objects and give the resulting single object.

Create Single Object with Adjacent Faces.3dm (67.4 KB)

Hi BabaJ - if the coincident faces are planes, generally BooleanUnion will work but the way to look at it is to ExtractSrf the coincident faces, delete them, and Join the remainder. You may or may not want to MergeAllFaces after. If the coincident faces do not match exactly - that is they only partly overlap and are not planes then you’ll need to manually trim them as surfaces and join it all back.


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Hi Pascal,

Yeah, it looks like I will have to go the trim route. Although I think I will try ExtractSrf, as I haven’t used that one yet.

Thanks for letting me know what’s available.