Boolean union failure ( object worked before, now is not)

I am doing a huge process of boolean union. The strange thing is I am trying to boolean an object that was copied from other one that did work. To put it in a simpler way A object Boolean with C but A’ doesnt.
Is this possible to solve? I can upload the file .

Thanks a lot.

You will have to upload that file, yes.

forum_test.3dm (12.6 MB)

Thanks WIM

i did a ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge with all surfaces and it helped on the window for a boolean union, the two orange marked are still not working my times up for today so maybe wim can check it further

forum_test.3dm (12.4 MB)

thanks helped with window. Unfortunatelly the hole mesh is throwing me errors…of nonmanifold and other things…which when I put select nonmanifold…there is non.

I SOLVED. It was a problem of overlapping surfaces in a really intrincated way. I am sorry for the inconvenience.



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