Boolean union fail 3d model

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Hi there i am having a similar problem with my 3d model. I have extruded each layer of contours and have been using the boolean union tool to join each layer/contour to one another. this has worked fine for 10 of the layers however i keep getting an error message when trying to boolean 2 of the layers.
I am unsure of why this is happening, can someone please guide me.
[/quote]base plan HELP.dwg (877.9 KB)

This is not a 3dm file… all that’s in it is curves… 18,400 of them. Can you post the 3dm file?


hey i tried it various times, however the file is quite large and i am unable to post it via this forum.

Even zipped? Perhaps you could just export the parts that are refusing to Boolean union, and zip that…


Hello- you can send us ( large files via