Boolean failed (looking for precision)

  1. Draw 2 circles, equal and tangent each one
  2. Apply “Pipe” to the circles
  3. Apply “Boolean Intersection” -> it fails.

If the 2nd circle is moved (by Gumball) of 0.001 the boolean operation works fine.

Question: is there a way to do a boolean intersection (or other bool operation), without move the circle?

Hi Gilbert - most likely the seam on the pipes in on the top of both objects in your example - if you move the seam (SrfSeam command) to the quad that is away from the intersection - actually anywhere may do but I’d move it all the way out from the ‘operation’ you intend - then Intersect makes clean curves and the Boolean will work.

FInding clean intersections where surfaces come tangent to one another and edges coincide is an ongoing project…





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Pascal THANK YOU very much! It works good!

@pascal what if instead of close circles there are 2 arcs, each one tangent to the other? (imagine one 90° arc, mirrored and copy to its end, forming a “V”)