Boolean Difference Issues

I’m an Industrial Design student and I’ve been using Rhino off and on for about 2 years now. Ive never had a problem with any of the Boolean tools until now. I haven’t used Rhino Mac as much since I bought the official Mac release, I used it a LOT more during the BETA.

Im trying to build a quick simple model to chop up into sections to use on a laser cutter as a Human Factors/Volumetric model of my automotive project. Im trying to Boolean difference the middle section (Cyan colored solid) of the car (Orange) to make a separation between the seats, and it just keeps failing. Ive never had it fail on me on something so simple. Earlier today I was splitting a solid with a surface and it would show a part line, but the pieces were still stuck together, it forced me to explode the entire model and delete them one piece at a time, pretty counter-productive… Am I missing something?

Volumetric Model 1:8 Scale (.125).3dm (282.2 KB)

Increase you Absolute Tolerance to something like 0.0001

You can find that setting under File:Settings…

Ok thanks, ill try that and see how it goes.

It still seems to be doing the same things… Also, Im even having problems with simply extruding a solid from a basic closed curve. Ive never had simple issues like this before.

Changed the tolerance and it seems to work.

Volumetric Model 1_8 Scale (.125)_changed tolerance.3dm (1.2 MB)

Avoiding tangent surfaces on boolean seems good.
By using intersect command, it seem the initial curve has overlapping areas.
(I’m not an expert but trying to help in the thread if I can…)