Boolean commands not working

I’m a student and new to Rhino so if this has already been answered, sorry for repeating a question. Basically I’m trying to create a void in a box out of a model. But for some reason some of my extrusions are on something called “naked edges” and some of them are on a “non-manifold edge.” In the second picture, the figure to the far right is an earlier rendition and the middle figure is my final model. Hopefully the third image explains what I’m trying to do. The box on the left is what I have to “BooleanDifference” the model with to create void space so people can interact with it. Joining and grouping the separate extrusions of each model doesn’t help either.

And to explain how I got here, I created a curve for the general shapes along the y-axis then lofted them together. I then copied the surface onto the same coordinates and hid the original surface, exploding the copied surface to extrude each panel to .24 in. for the bottom surfaces and .5 for the top surfaces. Then after extruding, I hid each individual surface that was extruded to clean up my work area.
Any help is appreciated.

Edit: Included models that my picture shown suggested by @davidcockey
Shelter Model.3dm (5.3 MB)

Check if you have naked edges or otherwise non-closed Polysurfaces

Another option could be edge that is just touching the bounding box (or other object you want to use boolean with)

A solid in Rhino is a closed surface or polysurface with every edge joined to another edge. If an edge or part of an edge is not joined to another edge then it is a naked edge. If an edge is joined to two or more edges at any location then it is a non-manifold edge.

@vangmuahm If you upload a .3dm file with the geometry which is causing problems someone may be able to help you with more details. To upload a file you can use the vertical arrow above where you type your post or you can drag the file to where you type your pos.