NEED HELP on hangup I'm having.. Boolean difference/nonmanifoldmerge

I’m stuck. I’m having an impossible time either Boolean differencing/subtract solid (from another solid) or two commands:

  1. Nonmanifoldmerge
  2. Createregions

I cannot get these last 2 objects to merge/join with my large block that surrounds all the objects. File is too large to upload, but I’ll get a link to my dropbox folder. It’s the file called PULSARinterior33Rhino3D.3dm Can someone please tell me how to solve this? Do I have to Boolean manually, if so how would I go about doing that with my 3D model I have so far? Dropbox link:

Hello - the object is chock full of non-manifold edges.


OK, here are the 2 objects and where they are located. One is the green colored object, and the other is selected/highlighted by selection.

…everything else (all other smaller internal objects) were successful with those 2 commands I mentioned above… just these 2 problem objects that make it where I cannot merge it using nonmanifoldmerge (when I drag the big block out using gumball I can then see it did not work to do it’s thing)… so, everything else worked, why not these 2 objects??

Hello - the smaller one will work, but the larger one has non-manifold edges. I will say one more time that you are spinning your wheels modeling by the seat of your pants, if this is the result - the grim truth is, every single thing in this model is more or less a mess… it does not have to be; there is stuff to learn about surface modeling and most of it is not hard, but impossible or hard to know on your own. There is plenty of material to help that learning process, beginning with the level 1 and level 2 training material - If you are coming from polygon modeling, and you have those habits and workflow, it is all the more important to understand how surfaces work and deal with them on their own terms and take it a step at a time.



…wait, let me check the ‘normals’ …maybe that’s the hangup…

it didn’t work to flip the direction on the floor near the window, but it did on the other object… but even that didn’t help and it still failed to work for me… now, to check the edges and try that (after I see more level 2 training material)