GH: Access Bongo from Pythonscript in Grasshopper?

Is it possible to script Bongo from Pythonscript?

I generate some geometry from Grasshopperover and over again, but then (or course) my Bongo animation settings goes away. I would like to redo the Bongo setup as well from Grasshopper. Is that possible?

I tried something like this, but I don’t seem to be able to access Bongo:

    `plug_ref = Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.IdFromName("Bongo")`
    `# ...returns: "00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000"`

// Rolf

I’m afraid not. At the moment, Bongo’s SDK is C++ only.

Hm, and I’m only a Delphi/pascal guy… and never will the two meet. :slight_smile:

What if Bongo would read, on demand, a “declarative” external data format for the joints & other definitions? Of course a “live API” would rock, but if Bongo could configure a model on demand from imported constraint declarations, it would be a significant first step in enabling the outer non-bongo space to communicate with Bongo.

Perhaps it would even suffice as a solution in most cases. Different ways to trigger Bongo to reconfigure according to such a descriptive file would be an API call (“reconfig”) or even a file modification in a dedicated file or subfolder would do (with a Bongo option set to “listener” state).

Somehow Bongo already stores the “declarative” information it currently makes use of, just add a step in which that info is inserted into the model by import, and off you go.

Q :

Which gives me the idea to ask if that stored info in the model is accessible (read/write) through the “regular” Rhino API, and if Bongo could be “paused” while modifying this info?

_// R_olf


It would be much easier to build a DotNet SDK than to do that.

  • Andy

Well, I’m waiting, although not holding my breath. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, since the problem of redefining the Bongo setup is biggest when generating/baking the model from Grasshopper (manually drawn models doesn’t change that much, and not so often), Bongo really needs to be accessible through the gh script components.

Bongo 3.0?

// Rolf

Q: So what is the plan? Will there be any option for reconstructing animation configurations from Grasshopper into generated models, or am I to forget any GH/Bongo integration thoughts altogether? I need to know what options to aim for.

I’m currently learning Rhino, Bongo, Grasshopper (since a few months) and also attempting to master them with Python/VBScript - I guess you can’t count on getting away with less than that (py/vb being essential in most software) - but I would prefer staying away from dot NET as to be able to get something useful done within a reasonable period of time as well as with a reasonable learning curve (relevant also as a marketing argument).

Bongo aside, I really don’t know what happened to Anders Hejlsberg. He started out well with Delphi but eventually got lost in the übercomplex dot net he… aven. Progress = simplifying things, not the other way around. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

I’ll add this to the Bongo 3 list of wishes.