Bongo animation wont save image from viewport - Error saving imageCommand

using Rhino 6 sr 18 and Bongo 2.0 (20190212_2_6_26922)
after Rhino SR update i cannot save an animation from Bongo
its does work when saving an animation using RhinoRender
but gives an error when saving an animation using Viewport Display

any ideas?

thank you

I think a fix for that was being tested today or so by @marika_almgren . She’ll be able to tell you tomorrow morning (in ~10-11 hrs time) when you can get a build that works

Please download the latest Service Release Candidate of Rhino 6. It has the fix in it.
To download it please go to (in Rhino) Help > Check for Updates…
Change the Update frequency to Service Release Candidate and press Check now.
You should be able to get the Service Release Candidate. Download and install it.
The Service release Candidate version should contain the fix for this problem.

I’m still getting the same problem–rhino says I have the latest release

@blockjason did you change update frequency to Service Release Candidate, then try the Check Now… link/button?

Phew! Service release fixed it.:sweat:

Yay, thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: