Blocks not displaying correctly in display modes

On both Rhino 6 (R18) and Rhino 5 blocks are not displaying the silhouettes correctly in technical display mode.

Not sure what is causing this I have tried all the tricks from Rhino 5, duping the edge and updating the blocks.

I need these to stay as blocks because I am using them to update the design as I progress.

Field Axon_V3.pdf (628.4 KB)

Hi - I’m not sure what to look at specifically in that pdf - there’s a lot going on there. Please provide a simple 3dm file that shows a problem. Also, that doesn’t appear to be the default Technical display mode. Have you tried resetting that mode to its defaults?

I have adjusted the Technical display mode to have clean line weights.
The Silhouettes are not complete around blocks. Each block was created in Rhino.

The display mode is just not fully rendering the lines in my file. I can get the blocks to work after adding a curve and moving the block a small amount.

In small files it renders fine but when trying to make a larger drawing the silhouette just doesn’t render fully. See block on the right, vs the block on the left.