Blocks make model extremely slow

Hi there,
I am working in a file that contains about 400 block instances containing 119 block defintions, which partly are nested. Usually I never experienced trouble working this way, but this file in particular is very very slow.

When I explode all block down to their bottom, I get 20000 objects. It seems a lot, but it
s acutally no problem to work with.

I found a similar isssue here (outside this forum).

Working in wireframe mode is quite okay when working in with the blocks, but I just wonder where this comes from?
Aren’t he blocks there to make the models lighter?
And what strategies would make sense to avoid a laggy model?


Hi Tobias - I guess the best would be for us to have this model and any external files linked to the model - we can take a look and see if we can see the same problems- please upload to

with a link back to this topic in your comments.


@pascal, I jut uploaded the file.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Tobias - I see the slowness here as well, thanks.


@pascal , do you have any idea yet?

Hi Tobias - I do not know, myself - the example has been added to the bug tracker for the developers.