Groups in Blocks

Wishing groups could be inside of blocks. Main use for me is for instance grouping geometry with dimensions and text and then having multiple of these groups in blocks.

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Since the instance references the block geometry, the only time you would have any access to the groups at all would be in the Block Editor or if you exploded the instance.
I don’t see how that would be useful.

Obviously, you can group instances of blocks (or anything else).

Maybe I don’t understand.

It’s on a wish-pile already:

And was discussed also here:

Among other uses (like editing blocks) for complex blocks it would be useful to keep original groups after explosion. Often ‘Block’ is just an stage in the process of how the model is built and ends up being exploded when needed.



So the bug is that when Grouped objects are used in a Block definition, exploding an instance no longer has the Groups.

I see John has that open for 6.1.
It’s more than on the wish list.

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You got it John. Yes - the idea is to retain the groups while EditBlock and after exploding… (I guess there could be different logics what to do with mutliple instances exploded - in my mind each instance is a ‘copy’ of the original group and objects, and NOT the same original group).

Extremely useful in the block editor. That’s how it would be useful. For instance, I have a few blocks of different massing options. In each block are volumes with grouped dims and labels. Surely that would be much better to manage than making a block for each volume inside a block for the overall massing. The reason is to keep the dims and labels attached to each volume in the block while moving then around.

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