BlockEdit Buglet report

Small inconvenient thing I ran into working with BlockEdit a lot these days - to reproduce:

  1. create a block and also few other objects
  2. hide some of the objects
  3. double-click on block to enter BlockEdit mode
    -now in that mode I cannot touch non-block objects (unless adding to block definition) which is convenient and good
  4. while still in Edit mode, run _Show command (unhide All)
    5) the objects that were hidden before entering BlockEdit mode allow to be interacted with, even though not being a part of the currently edited block definition.

EDIT: I see now that the non-block objects are simply automatically locked and can be unlocked as well.
A way to quickly lock non-block definition objects while editing would be useful - perhaps another button in BlockEdit dialog that would toggle the locking of non-block objects?

Hi Jarek - thanks, I’ll check that.