Blocked Licenses in Zoo Server without auto-recover


I have a Rhino license set in a Zoo Server and I am facing an issue.

I run Rhino from command line with /runscript command and if Rhino stops running my script for any reason sometimes I got the license blocked in Zoo Server for days, even if I kill Rhino process manually and there is no Rhino process in the task administrator my license appears as “in use” in Zoo.

I have configure in Zoo options, in License Recovery label: Recover orphaned licenses after 5 minutes, but it does not seem to be working at all.

I expect to get the license available after five-minutes in any case, to avoid loosing licenses if my script fails, am I wrong?

Any help? Am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Enrique,

First, make sure you are running the latest version of both Rhino 5 (SR11) and Zoo 5 (5.8).

From the Zoo help file:

The Zoo will automatically recover loaned licenses due to either network interruption or abnormal product shut down. There may be an occasion where you will be required to do this manually. To recover an “in use” license, select the license from the list and then click Edit → Recover. Note, recovering licenses that are still in use can lead to license conflicts.

Note, the listing in ZooAdmin does not refresh all that often. So, you are waiting for something to appear, you might be waiting a long time. You can always press F5 to refresh the list.

Does this help?

Hi Dale,

I am refreshing the list manually many many times.

The point is that I need the licenses to be recovered by Zoo because I run Rhino in a batch mode so I am not phisically able to do that all the time.

As Zoo help says, when I find out a license has not been recovered I do it manually but it is not a very good solution, don’t you think?



Since you know the license is not in use, manually recovering is not a problem…

well, I’d rather not being the whole day checking if any user that uses my rhino code has blocked a license and then go to recover it.

I don’t know if you understand my scenario.

Users executes a code that uses Rhino script (this part is transparent for them) to get results back They don`t use Rhino directly, and I would like to get this scenario as automatic as possible.

Each user execution of my code uses one license (i have several licenses in a Zoo Server) and orders are queued if all licenses are in use at that moment.

So I need to avoid a license to be blocked if Rhino is not working at all… And I need to control this automaticly.

I hope Zoo recovery option should do that, and that is why I ask if I am configuring something wrong…