Block v. worksessions

I have two very large projects. To manage file size and speed, I’ve broken them into many blocks. Some are repetitive objects, like doors. Some are collections of objects and I use blocks to turn them on or off when inserted with other files.

Recently, I found worksessions. It appears to function similarly to blocks. Yet, I learned that vray lights work propertly in worksessions but are not supported in blocks.

Just curious. Would you use worksessions or blocks to manage a large project?

Thanks, Jeff

Hi Jeff - most likely both, but indeed, lights do not work in Blocks. Worksessions are probably most useful for large chucks of a project, not so much for details - one thing about attached files in a worksession is that they are locked in place - you cannot move items in an attached file other than my modifying the file itself. A typical example is for a building where structural, electric, plumbing etc are ach a relatively large and complex project but need to know about each other, so are assembled from separate files into a worksession - different bits can be turned on and off as needed.