Worksessions for Beginners

Hi all,

I’ve recently made the move over to Rhino and am finding it great, however am still trying to learn some things as I go. I was hoping someone could give me a brief overview of work sessions, or link me to somewhere that would give me a better understanding.

I’ve been using Rhino for modelling my university project. As the project develop the file has gradually got larger and slower to operate, and so I was wanting to split the file into multiple files that I can then reference back into one another. For example, have a file with context, one for each building, one for landscape, etc.

From what I’ve gathered, work sessions split the file so that multiple people can work on different parts at the same time. However, if it is just me working on them all, would splitting it this way still benefit me? Would the file size be reduced?

Any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it be simpler to use externally referenced Blocks?

Edit - Sorry Pascal - just saw your second video…

Worksession is a great tool for single users working with large or complex projects! It can be used to keep different parts of a project, for example the hull, deck/cabin exterior, and interior of a boat in separate files. I also use it to keep large meshes and point clouds used for reference separate from the geometry being actively worked. It is simple and quick for a single user to switch during a session which file is “active” and they can work on, and which files are for reference.

The size of each file is reduced compared to a single file containing all the data. This means that Save is faster, sometimes much faster, because only the data in the active file is saved. It can also reduce storage when multiple versions of part of a project are saved.


Thanks for all the help guys, appreciated :slight_smile: