Block Count - wrong qty report in BlockManager, Commandline and Python

There appears to be an error in the Block Counting through either BlockManager, _-BlockManager or Python

  • With BlockManager dialogue box:

  • With command line:
    Command: _-BlockManager
    Choose block manager option ( Properties Export Delete Update List ReferencedBy Count
    Embedded=Prompt ): Count
    Block name ( Select ): Select
    Select object
    PL03 - Total: 7, Top level: 1, Nested: 6

  • With Python, rs.BlockInstanceCount() it gives the same as the command line output: 6 nested, where it should be 32 nested

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You seem to be posting more times than intended.

I’m so sorry, i think there was a problem with my internet.

It gave me an error code 500 but I didn’t know it still posted so I was keep on sending it

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Hello - can you post a file that shows this? I’ll take a look.


Hi @pascal

File attached. PL03 has a top level block placed at world origin, it is also nested in the other blocks but the qty report is wrong through the commandline and python


Block_Count_WrongQtyReport.3dm (1.3 MB)