Updating linked reference blocks

How do I update a “sub-linked” block. I.e. a block within another block?

Block manager shows it as linked file is newer, however the update button is deactivated because it’s inside another block.

When I update the parent, the children don’t get updated.

Only way to achieve this seems to be to close Rhino and re-open.

There must be a better way. What am I missing?

It does look like this is not happening… a simpler update for now would be

! Save Revert

@mary - should that work, in the current scheme of things? (The OP’s scenario)


Hi Ryan and Pascal,
You are not missing anything.
This is how Rhino works, or does not work, right now.
I will get this posted as a bug.

Let’s see if the developers can “smooth” this behavior out.
I like Pascal’s work around.
Thanks for pointing this out.

Max Fugier