Block imports diffrently into a model. Material problesm

I’m building a mode that began to get heavy. I exported the stair unit as a block and worked on it further. I applied a marble texture to stair tread object. In render mode I realized that the stair was displaying the marble on part of the wall. I sub-selected and applied the wall color to get the correct look. However, when I import the stair block into the model it still shows the marble wall surface. I deleted the stair blocks from the model, purges, and re-imported. Same thing. Thoughts.

The block before it is imported.

The block as imported

Hello - I guess we’d need to see the file(s) but, what happens if you set that wall material to By Parent in the external file?


OK I just tried that. No Change. I’ll see If I can upload the files.

Thanks - keep in mind this is a public forum - delete the files by editing your post if they should not be public.
What it looks like is per-face materials are ignored in the inserted version - I do not know if that can be made to work, I’ll poke at it some more. Right now it looks like a bug, erm, limitation.