Textures on Imported Objects Not Showing

I’ve been trying to texture a part I’ve been making for a presentation. The part that isn’t working is a part I downloaded from a supplier. Is there any obvious reason why this problem persists? The file was originally in STEP format.

If you can share the file users have a better chance in figuring out what the problem is.

But check there is a good mapping.

This imports as a block instance. I’d select the object, then _ExplodeBlock. With all parts still selected go to the material tab in the object properties and set the material to Use Object Parent, then _Block to make it into a block instance again. Now when you assign a material to it all containing parts will honor the block instance material.

edit: If you want to do more elaborate assigning of materials to the model you may want to check out also the _BlockEdit command.

edit2: here a quick test with three instances of the Rhino Metal material and some bumps applied to two of them, rendered in Raytraced in Rhino 6


@hawthornph - any luck with getting some materials/textures on your object?

Yep, all good, thanks