Block, hatch, display order bug

Hi All,

I reported this bug before. It seems it is creeping over into V6. It is one of the annoyances that make Rhino less useful for 2D drafting, despite seeming to be fixable easily.

Please see the attached file. It contains a drawing of a room with the following:

  • a block for a chair, containing a hatch to cover elements under the chair
  • a block for a table, containing a hatch to cover elements under the table
  • a block for a floor door, containing a hatch to cover elements under the door
  • lines for flooring boards

I would like to do the following

  • BringToFront the block of the table while keeping the display order of the elements within the block. The result would be the table block in front of the chair block and all other elements.
  • SendToBack the block of the floor door while keeping the display order of the elements within the block. The result would be the floor door block underneath the lines of the flooring boards and underneath the chair and table.

Both operations are not possible.


BlockHatchBug.3dm (75.2 KB)


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Hi Silvano - I will add this to the pile - thanks. Meantime, in your simple example at least, it is possible to get the order by using BlockEdit and draw order tools within BlockEdit, but I see that it is tedious and not a clean process at all.

BlockHatchBug_PG.3dm (77.5 KB)


Here’s another bug with displaying text fields. Not present in R5.

Hi Asterisk - This looks ok here, today at least - my test:
Make text with Page Name text field.
Block it.
Make a new layout.
Insert the block - here the correct page name is displayed once the block instance is placed - it shows #### during the process only…

Is the above what does not work in your case?


Try doing the same steps in R5. Save the file and open it in R6.

Hmmm- works here so far…


Just did it.

Hi Asterisk - it looks like the process is, in a layout

  1. Create the text with PageName fX.
  2. Make a polyline around the text.
  3. Block the polyline and text, which looks correct.
  4. BlockEdit and verify the PageName fX
  5. Exit BlockEdit, everything still looking correct, and save the file.
  6. In a new instance of Rhino, open the file and now the text does not show the page name except in BlockEdit.


Here this works. Can you bear with me a little more and start from scratch - a new file, with no template or existing layouts, make a layout etc etc and see if this still happens? Thanks.


You’re right. It doesn’t happen with a “No Template” selected. Sent you the template file.

Hi Asterisk - can you please try the next WIP? here your file works fine so far - making a new layout and inserting the Title block instance shows the correct page number.


Fixed! :thumbsup: :beer:

Phew! Thanks.


Any progress here with this issue? :frowning: