SendToBack _ does not work with Blocks

Hello, wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

I have a series of block line works which I need to layer. and I would like to send some blocks behind other blocks. However when I run the command SendToBack, it does not allow to select a block object.


Yes, I think all the display order stuff only works on actual curves and hatches.

There is a trick that might work for ‘bring to front’: use the gumball to move the block you want on top a short distance sideways and then move it back. This usually seems to bring it to the front. I don’t know whether this sticks permanently though.


thanks @Helvetosaur @jeremy5

didn’t get back sooner as my computer got stolen… : [.

Anyhow, @jeremy5 I tried moving the block and re positioning, however it still seems to keep its order…

one work around I have found is to physically move a block in the vertical plane. this is not ideal, as when drawing you get snaps on different planes, etc.

@Helvetosaur do you think there is away to resolve or add as a topic to fix?



Dunno - the problem is that block instances can contain any number of types of objects, including those that do not have display order characteristics… I suppose that it’s possible to dive down into a block instance’s components and see if there are hatches/curves and apply the display order. I have no idea if the block instance construct supports that or what kind of work that might entail though. Maybe @jeff has an idea…


I wrote the draw order code and it just isn’t going to work with blocks n it’s current form. We probably need to completely rethink the whole draw order mechanism at some point in the future.


that would be a really handy feature if it could be added to a future…

I often am using blocks for layouts of architectural / interior spaces, and have a series of layers of informations, i.e Elec, furniture, air, mechanical, etc etc. And its good to have each of these sets on information on a block, so I can edit and it updates in other drawings. and when I have all those blocks on the same layout, it would be handy to be able to send those forward or back for when printing to PDF

unless you know of another way of doing this?